Cycling the Appian Way

Cycling the Appian Way
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The roads outside La Peschiera are bordered by agricultural land and the sea. Cycling along you can see the conical roofs of a beachside trulli, a former store for fishermen or farmers. After ten or fifteen minutes you will reach Egnazia, the 4BC Roman ruins and excellent museum that traces the history of the site through artefacts such as ceramics, sculptures, coins and utensils.


Stroll along Egnazia’s stone roads, past the defensive walls that stood 7 metres high, envisaging the busy life of this city. There are 5 BC intact Messapian tombs on view. Cycle back for a refreshing dip in our pools, or to relax on your private beach.


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  • Apulian Cookery class

    Puglia’s passion is food At our Masseria Il Melograno or in the villages near La Peschiera our chefs are warmly enthusiastic and ready to reveal the secrets behind the perfect focaccia, tiny neat orecchiette, and traditional Apulian dishes.

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  • Apulian Wine Tastings

    Our sommelier and Official Taster for Italy will engage experts and beginners with the geography and history of Apulian wines, sampling local Fiano, Negroamara or Primitivo.

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    Using a lamp to attract the creatures you then catch them by hand. 

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  • Olive Oil Tastings

    Spend some of your time during your vacation exploring these enchanting olive oil farms dotted all around Puglia countryside. 

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  • Historic Towns

    La Peschiera is surrounded by historic towns, Monopoli, Alberobello’s iconic trulli and clifftop Polignano a Mare, the baroque city centre of Martina Franca. An half day tour discovering the artistic heritage of Puglia is unmissable.

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  • Vespa and Vintage Car tour

    A vast choice of classical VINTAGE CAR or VESPA to experience driving in total autonomy around the villages of the Valle d’Itria: scenic roads, dramatic landscapes, art and culture are waiting for you.

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